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What's New?

Aerial Imaging

 A B See Productions is now offering professional aerial video/photography for their clients. Experienced crews, combined with the latest in drone and video technology, capture exciting high resolution photographs and video footage up to 4K resolutions.

 Certified by Transport Canada and covered by liability insurance. All required flight permits are managed by us.

 Aerial imaging provides distinctive and striking views that allow you to stand out from your competition.
 Contact us today for rates and availability.

Recent Projects

Apr 2018 to Present- Capital BBQ NHL broadcast campaign

Apr 2018- Dolphin Dentistry Social media

Mar 2018- EBike Plus broadcast

Feb 2018- Social media

Feb 2018- Bbqsandgrills Social media

Jan 2018- Capital BBQ Social media

Dec 2017- Forest Valley broadcast

Nov 2017- Symphony Senior Living broadcast

Oct 2017- Capital BBQ Fundraiser

July 2017 to Present Clear Cut Installations Social Media campaign

June-Dec 2017- TSN CFL

Feb 2017- Lima Dentures broadcast

Jan-April 2017 NHL TSN & Sportsnet

Jan 2017- Clear Cut Installations Social Media campaign

Oct- Dec 2016- NHL  TSN & Sportsnet

Nov 2016- A Farber broadcast

Sept - Dec 2016- 12 Part Cooking Series "Rendez-vous Gourmand"

Sept 2016- Community Futures Development- "Be The Boss" series



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